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MaxComm 5G Outdoor CPE OWR-203

MaxComm 4G cordless phone MW466

MaxComm 4G LTE WiFi Pocket Router MF-107

The processor: ZX297520V3
spectrum: LTE B4/28 + 3G B2/8+ 2G
Peak rate:
LTE Download:100.8Mbps, Upload:51.0Mbps (Category 4)
WCDMA Download:21Mbps, Upload:5.76Mbps

5G outdoor CPE Router (FWA)

MaxComm 3G GSM Cordless Phone MW-488

MaxComm 4G Fixed Wireless Cellular Terminal FCT-600

Main Features
1. Convert phone call from fixed line to 4G LTE Network via VoLTE and optional 3G Network
2. 1x RJ-11 phone ports for connecting phone, PABX
3. 1x RJ-11 phone jack for connecting PSTN Fixed Line.