MediaTek teamed up with Chunghwa Telecom to create a 5G mmWave test environment

MediaTek teamed up with Chunghwa Telecom to create a 5G mmWave test environment

MediaTek and Chunghwa Telecom announced a partnership to build a 5G mmWave chip test environment at MediaTek's R&D headquarters in Hsinchu. The 5G non-standalone (NSA) signals built by the 5G non-standalone (NSA) signal include 3.5GHz intermediate frequency (90MHz bandwidth) and 28GHz mm Wave high frequency band (bandwidth 600MHz). MediaTek is a global supplier of mobile phone chips, while Chunghwa Telecom has a large and continuous 5G spectrum and better frequency in Taiwan. The cooperation between the two parties will facilitate the introduction of MediaTek's 5G millimeter-wave single chip into the global market and bring high speed to end users. Internet-connected experience.

In addition to the cooperation in 5G IF and millimeter wave, in order to meet the growing demand for 5G enterprise private network terminal equipment, MediaTek provides chips for domestic and foreign manufacturers to develop exclusive 5G terminal equipment, and match it with the enterprise private network service promoted by Chunghwa Telecom For field use, the two parties will jointly lead the upgrade and transformation of Taiwan's 5G industry, build strong strength, and meet the transmission needs of various smart life applications.

MediaTek and Chunghwa Telecom have also carried out long-term technology promotion cooperation in various aspects, including jointly promoting 5G new technology standards in the mobile communication technology standardization organization 3GPP. Chunghwa Telecom has applied standards such as 5G NR + 4G 5CA technology to the company's network and high-end terminal equipment to realize the 5G generation high-speed mobile network. In addition, in the aspect of forward-looking technology cooperation, data communication verification including 5G standalone (SA) millimeter-wave dual connectivity (NR-NR DC) (Note 2) will be carried out, which is different from Chunghwa Telecom's current commercial 5G non-standalone network ( NSA), this technology can improve the speed and capacity of 5G independent networking in the future.

With a complete lineup of 5G chips, MediaTek covers flagship to mass market products, and cooperates with more than 100 operators around the world to demonstrate industrial influence in the international market. In the Japanese market, the market share is expected to increase in the future. In addition, in order to gain the right to speak in the industry for Taiwan, MediaTek won the support of RAN2 industry experts in 3GPP and was elected as the chairman, working with global communication partners to jointly promote the evolution of 5G and post-5G technologies